Getting Help With My Face

Getting Help With My Face

How To Treat Melanoma Skin Cancer With Surgery

Holly Gardner

If you see a suspicious spot on your body, then it is common to feel alarmed and think cancer. A new growth or changes in an existing mole are common symptoms of melanoma. This skin cancer starts in your melanocytes. It occurs when your pigment-producing cells become cancerous.

If you want to be sure, then you need to go to the doctor and get a diagnosis. Read on to find out how to treat melanoma with surgery.

Catch It In The Early Stages

When melanocytes start to grow and divide at a rapid pace, it causes the development of melanoma. If the cells grow out control, then they can spread to the surrounding surface layers of your skin. At this rapid production, melanocytes appear as dark spots or funny looking moles on the skin.

However, it is essential to catch this cancer in the early stages. If the melanoma is not removed, then the cancerous cells will start to grow deep into the layers of your skin. These skin layers contain lymphatic vessels and blood vessels. You do not want the cancerous cells to get into these vessels. Access to the lymphatic vessels and blood vessels allow for the melanoma cells to travel to other parts of your body.

If this disease is caught in the early stages, then the cells are less likely to spread. You will need to talk to your doctor about melanoma treatment.

Talk To Your Doctor About Treatment 

If you have an unusual spot on your body, then you need to show it to your doctor. He or she will do a skin biopsy. A biopsy takes a sample of your skin to test. After the diagnosis, your doctor will want to perform melanoma surgery to remove the cancer.

Prepare For Surgery

A wide excision surgical procedure is performed when your cancer is in the early stages. The site of your tumor and some of the surrounding normal skin is cut out. The wound made from the cutting is stitched back together. It will also leave behind a scar. The point of this procedure is to remove all of the melanoma cells.

After the surgery, you have to go to follow appointments. How long depends on the stage of your cancer. Your doctor needs to check the surgical area and the skin around it. These appointments allow your doctor to check your lymph nodes and to look for new cancerous tumors.


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